Cover Pages

I’m made strong, just like the hard covers bound to the pages by thread and glue, I’m made to stand and withstand many things but time is definitely not one of them.

Set Backs

…intimidation coming off of fear. Oozing a smirk of confidence for my defeat.


…not ever doubt it or feel as if it’s being held hostage in return for something else…

Complete Unrest

Completely shattered by the reality that a heart can be broken in so many different ways, multiple times and constantly.


I’m tired of meaning something to everyone but the ones that I hold closest to my heart.

Lost and Found

Who are you looking for? Do you expect to somehow wake up and see her standing there when you wake up? Waiting to introduce herself to you like “hi. You lost me along the way somehow but it’s ok, I’m back now” Would you even recognise her? Know her scent? Her smile? The way she…

Grasping at Straws

“It’s ok not to be ok” we all say. But the hidden parenthesis in this statement is “all the time”.